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At NY Laptop Repair, estimates are always FREE! And, We NEVER make repairs until we receive permission from you!


Within few hours of when your laptop arrives, your estimate will be available online. You can check, approve and pay securely online by tracking your case.

We offer the absolute FASTEST RETURN TIME of any service provider in the market! If your laptop cannot be repaired in less than 48 hours, we will pay for the return shipping! No Questions asked.






Our repair technicians are prepared to work with laptops of all makes and models, in addition to many other electronic devices. We bring you a full range of factory-trained technicians and engineers with many years of experience, so that we are able to provide you with answers to your computer-related repair and support issues.

Some of our specialties include motherboard replacement, component level motherboard repairs and power jack repair/replacement. We have actually taken the time to develop a power jack repair/replacement technique that will stabilize your jack, making it more secure than what was originally installed. We guarantee that with out hardware repair services, you will get a longer lifetime of use from your laptop.

     Hardware Repair:


We Repair ALL Makes and Models of Laptops!


Laptop Hardware Failure and Symptoms

Laptop Booting Failure
Random Shutdowns
Motherboard Issues
Battery Charging Issues
Processor Issues and Memory Issues
Laptop Hard Drive Failures
Entire Laptop LCD Screen Replacement
Laptop LCD Inverter Replacement
Laptop LCD Lamp ( CCFL ) Replacement
Faint / Faded Image On Laptop LCD
Red or Dark Laptop LCD Screen / Image
Dim Laptop LCD Screen
Flickering Laptop LCD Screen
Over Heating Issues
Erratic Keyboard Keys And Trackpoint Device Behavior
Broken Laptop Hinges, Arm pads etc...
Broken d/c Jack Repair or Replacement
Liquid Spillage Issues / Physical Damage


D/C Power Jack Repair: $90.00 flat labor fee.


D/C Power Jack Replacement: $90.00 flat labor fee, plus the cost of a new D/C jack.


With our advanced repair technology, we actually make your new dc jack more solid and secure than the original.


Component Level Laptop Repair: $90.00 flat labor fee, plus the cost of any replacement parts.


Standard Parts Installation / Replacement: $55.00 flat labor fee, plus the cost of any replacement parts.


Installation or replacement of Laptop Memory, Laptop Keyboard, Laptop Drives: CD-ROM, Hard Drives; LCD, Inverters and all other LCD Screen Components, Processor, Plastic Casing, Hinges and all other accessories.

Repair Your Laptop in 3 Simple Steps.


Create New Case Online.




Prepare the Package and Ship Your Laptop to the provided address.

Instantly Track Your Repair Case Online.


Software Repair:


Laptop Software Issues and Symptoms:

O/S Booting Failure
Slow and Unstable O/S
Error Messages while Loading the O/S
Blue Screen / Memory Dump / Freezing
Random Shut Downs
Pop-up Windows & Spy Ware
Spam Advertisements & Viruses
Slow Laptop Function
Error Messages while browsing the Net

Complete Laptop Software Repair: $65.00 Flat